Created over the course of three months, in various locations around Manhattan, these photographs explore the meaning of images without distinct subjects, locations, or time. They are ethereal and disconnected, concealing the information, allowing viewers to explore their own experiences within the images.

During this period I was experiencing similar constraints in my personal life. I wanted to see what living without time was like—if it was at all possible—and found a surreal sense of connection to a city that often produces more loneliness than togetherness. I discovered a reduced attachment to things, a withdrawal from temporal awareness, and, generally, a better understanding of myself in time and space. 

I plan to continue adding images to this collection over the next year. I haven't decided if these images will be made outside of New York or how many will contribute to the finished project. For now, they stand here as a sort of gateway, a path to exploration. I hope you enjoy. 

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